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Our two large practice studios are located in a beautiful, historical building in central Knysna. Bright, clean and airy. Enjoy the feel of rich, wooden floors beneath your feet in our fully equipped Iyengar style studio finished with rope walls for practice and exposed beam ceilings. Our second studio boasts 8 large windows to allow sunlight to stream in during the day and stars to shine on our evening practice. Both studios are fully equipped with surround sound, black out blinds, mats, blocks and other practice props. A ceiling mounted projector is available in studio for viewings or presentations. We have an inviting reception room, with cool filtered water on offer, and space for you to store your belongings safely and prepare for class. Gorgeous luxury shower facilities are available for use in the building for your convenience. 


Should you wish to rent a Lotus studio to host your own event/workshop

please contact us for details and availability.

He who sees all beings in his own self and his own self in all beings,

loses all fear - Isa Upanishad 

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